For the 3rd time…

Aw man… it happened again!

So I been zoning out on youtube, checking out this chick’s guitar vids. Obviously, she has some mad skills. Not to mention pretty good taste in rock, so it’s been fun browsing the rest of her uploads for new leads on music (since it’s practically all covers).

It even made me start thinking to myself, maybe I do need to find a girl who has the same appreciation for rock like I do.

But I’ve had some bad juju the more I learned. I mean… it’s happened twice before.

Once with Kayo Sato, pictured here:

And another with Ai Haruna:

When I was reading this chick’s youtube profile I saw the name… Shotaro Nakamura! That ain’t no chick!

Published by Jon Dao

Formerly, the Conversation Coach

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