Be Evil: Don’t Admit Defeat

When life hits hard and you’re searching for some sort of positive influence to glean from, rarely will you look to a super-villain.

First of all, they’re evil. And second, their life is pretty depressing if you think about it. They might have big dreams of world domination and the sort, but in the grand scheme of things, their hopes are always dashed. I’d say it’s part of the job to lose.

Doctor Doom, one of the COOLEST comic book villains of all time by far, handles things a bit differently.

Gold, silver, leather AND fur– SO EVIL!

Even though he might speak in third person like your regular baddie, Doom has a special way with words. He puts it like this, “Doom knows no defeat… only setbacks.”

No defeat.

He doesn’t admit it. He doesn’t accept it. He doesn’t understand what it’s supposed to mean. And by doing that, he’s redefined the idea of losing. He’s taken failure out of the equation.

Instead, there’s nothing else to do except succeed.

Whenever I feel like I’ve messed up, this type of perspective is pretty damn inspirational. Failure stings the most when you think things are over, but if you’re evil enough to reject the end, you can make another appearance in the next issue!

Doom has been undefeated for over 600 issues!

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Published by Jon Dao

Formerly, the Conversation Coach

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