Close the Distance

Have you ever tried to talk to someone but felt too intimidated? Did you feel like they were way out of your league?


If you really want to connect with someone, you can’t be starstruck. You can’t idolize. It’s okay to think about that stuff, but keep it to yourself (and in your pants).

Admiration and respect is one thing are two things, but too much of that adoration pushes a person further away. And what you’re actually doing is turning someone human into something untouchable– all at the cost of putting yourself down.

Break that cycle; close the gap.

No one is unapproachable. No goal is unobtainable. Nothing is impossible if it happens! In relationships, business, and fitness.

At least, that’s what you got to believe if you want to move forward…

Published by Jon Dao

Formerly, the Conversation Coach

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