Three Things


Great days, terrible days, ruined days– we have all of ’em. After all, a lot can happen in a single day to change our outlook.

But I want to challenge you to simplify your perspective: “What are the three things you need in order to consider a day, a good day?”

For me, I’d want to…

  1. Exercise – This was my crutch for my first big break-up, but it’s been a staple ever since. With all the stuff in my life that’s out of my hands, this is one area that I have complete control over. All the frustration and stress can be exhausted at the gym. So no matter how rough the day’s been, I can still get a sense of accomplishment.
  2. Eat Meat – Just to clarify, I love vegetables too. The problem is, I could eat vegetables all day long and still not feel full. I need meat to feel satiated. This is probably why 1)I’m able to keep my sanity while dieting and 2)I never got too homesick for American food while in Japan. Meat will always be there for you!
  3. Talk to a Pretty Girl – Look, I know chemistry is whack and signs are misleading, but that’s dating. I’m talking about enjoying the tiniest of tiny victories. This isn’t even on the same level as getting a girl’s number. Just being able to say, “Hey, see that lady? I talked to her.” Satisfaction, baby!

Now there’s a trick to all this. Being able to meet each point is totally doable every day! In other words, I’ve rigged the system so that each and every day is a good day.

Can you set yourself up for good times too? What are your three points? 

Let me know in the comments below or via e-mail (commdao @ gmail) or on this reddit thread. I’ll be turning this idea into a little side project, so expect your comments to be featured again in a more grandeur fashion!


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