The Voice in Your Head

Here’s something you should do more: talk to yourself.

I know what you’re thinking. You don’t want to sound like a crazy person mumbling to yourself.  Movies do a pretty good job of making us believe any form of self-talk is eccentric and deranged.

I wouldn’t want you to isolate yourself from people either. Hopefully, you’ve got a good support network in place. Nothing tops having a friend or family member in your pocket– someone you can always count on to turn to in times of need.

But you know what? It’s equally important to give yourself that same kind of value because, hey, you should always be on call 24/7 for yourself.

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Published by Jon Dao

Formerly, the Conversation Coach

3 thoughts on “The Voice in Your Head

  1. I work my problems out aloud all the time… and I think my neighbors are scared of me for it.
    Anyway, is this an original idea or did you read about it somewhere?

    1. I think I started talking to myself a lot more in Japan.

      Giving yourself pep talks– that stuff I’ve read before. I think that Batman episode really shed light on channeling a different persona.

      Add to that, of course, numerous talks of progressing in self-esteem with a friend of mine, I’ve realized a cycle I’ve built.

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