The Voice in Your Head

When reality hits, it can really blindside us. Maybe there’s a lot of pain. Maybe you lose your appetite. Maybe that moment is so bad that it sucks the life out of you, and completely immobilizes you.

In times like these, the run-of-the-mill advice would be:

  • Don’t take it so seriously.
  • It’s just a ____________.
  • Things will get better.

Lines like these are true, but as far as helping a person in that moment, they’re a little iffy. People are quick to repeat them anyway. People want to offer something helpful, and when it doesn’t seem to work, they’ll say “I guess you need time to yourself.”

And sometimes you do, but sometimes… you really do want a dialogue.

For this reason, I’m not going to tell you to learn quotes and use them as mental mantras. Talking to yourself isn’t some simple trick about being positive or finding motivation. When it comes to voices in your head, think of it as a conversation with three different characters.

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Published by Jon Dao

Formerly, the Conversation Coach

3 thoughts on “The Voice in Your Head

  1. I work my problems out aloud all the time… and I think my neighbors are scared of me for it.
    Anyway, is this an original idea or did you read about it somewhere?

    1. I think I started talking to myself a lot more in Japan.

      Giving yourself pep talks– that stuff I’ve read before. I think that Batman episode really shed light on channeling a different persona.

      Add to that, of course, numerous talks of progressing in self-esteem with a friend of mine, I’ve realized a cycle I’ve built.

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