The Voice in Your Head

The three inner voice perspectives are:

  • The You of the Moment
  • The You of Inexperience
  • The Ideal You

The You of the Moment

This one’s easy. This is the version of you caught up in the moment. This is the one who breaks down exactly what’s going wrong, how it got that way, and what you want to happen.

The You of Inexperience

I’ve chosen the idea of inexperience instead of the past on purpose. You want this character to be a little innocent and naive. This allows the “You of the Moment” to have some authority of knowledge. By being a little clueless, this voice proves to the “You of the Moment” that s/he isn’t helpless.

The Ideal You

Role models are a big deal. And basically, this is piggy-backing off the concept of what many people in the Christian community follow: WWJD?

In this case, we’re replacing that guy with a future version of yourself. This is the version of you who put in the blood, sweat, and tears to reach success. You’ve got it made now. So looking back, what would this version tell your older self?

This voice is essential in breaking you away from the moment. This voice reminds you of purpose and gives you a vision to latch onto. This is the voice that deserves the most attention.


It might sound a little crazy, but chat these people up sometime. They might surprise you.

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3 thoughts on “The Voice in Your Head

  1. I work my problems out aloud all the time… and I think my neighbors are scared of me for it.
    Anyway, is this an original idea or did you read about it somewhere?

    1. I think I started talking to myself a lot more in Japan.

      Giving yourself pep talks– that stuff I’ve read before. I think that Batman episode really shed light on channeling a different persona.

      Add to that, of course, numerous talks of progressing in self-esteem with a friend of mine, I’ve realized a cycle I’ve built.

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