CommDao Speak Easy Podcast 1

Long overdue, I present to you a brand-new speaking and communication focused podcast: CommDao Speak Easy.

In each episode, there’ll be a sample conversation in the opening dialogue, enacted by yours truly. Maybe an occasional guest appearance here and there. Then, a dissection of the key phrases used in the dialogue. After that the Faux Pas of the day, and your advanced communication tip.

Remember you can download the audio AND adjust the speed.

Here are the show notes:

Opening Dialogue

Bobby: Yo, Frank! Get a load of this guy. What’s he wearing there?
Frank: Oh, Bobby, observant as ever, aren’t we? I do believe those garments are known as “jorts”.
Bobby: You sure they ain’t capris? I got a lady friend who likes to rock a brown pair, but I think they look even better on the ground– if you know what I mean.
Frank: Bobby, have you no shame?

Key Phrases

~ to get a load of: (verb) 

to bring to attention, to get someone to check something out

Example: Get a load of all these people here! = Check out (Look) at all the people here!

  • Note: this version of “check” means “look”, not review or study. For instance, you could not say “I’m going to get a load of my notes when I get home.”

~ to rock~ : (verb)

to wear (confidently)

Example: Nobody can rock jorts. = Nobody can wear jorts (confidently and/or look good in them).

  • Note: you can also “rock” different clothing styles, hairstyles, and make-up
  • Note: the origins of this verb does, indeed, come from rock music; rock musicians had the ability to excite a crowd (i.e. rock a crowd)

~ If you know what I mean: (tag question)

a phrase you can tack on to the end of any sentence to imply sexual innuendo

Example: I’m pretty good with my hands– if you know what I mean. = I am quite adept at using my hands in a sexual manner.

Have you no shame? (response)

You should be ashamed of yourself.

Example: You didn’t wear pants to work. Have you no shame? = You should be ashamed of yourself for not wearing pants to work.

  • Note: similar to using “never have I ever” for “I have never”, “have you no shame” is an inversion of “you have no shame”
  • Note: can be used aggressively if your tone is right

Oh, Faux Pas

Do not use “lady friend” to refer to your girlfriend, fiancee, or spouse.

Advanced Communication Tip

If anyone ever makes a comment that you find inappropriate, anything that makes you feel uncomfortable, you have to be firm. Don’t take Frank’s approach.


Special thanks to:

DJi5Cream for the opening

Kevin MacLeod for the transitions

Published by Jon Dao

Formerly, the Conversation Coach

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