CommDao Speak Easy Podcast 2

Firstly, thank you all for such an overwhelming and positive response. Here’s the second episode of my speaking and communication focused podcast: CommDao Speak Easy.

I’ve taken all the feedback to heart, and now the new format of each episode will include:

  • Opening Dialogue
  • Key Phrases
  • Take 2 (Sentence Variation)
  • Pronunciation Practice
  • Faux Pas of the Day

Remember you can download the audio AND adjust the speed.

Here are the show notes:

Opening Dialogue

Keith: Aw man, this place is a bust.
Dave: Should’ve known better than to listen to Bobby… you want to head out already?
Keith: I dunno. Whatcha thinkin? Whadaya wanna do?
Dave: Well, I’m gonna have one more, and then we can bounce.
Keith: Aite, I’m gonna take a piss. Grab me another beer too, will ya?
Dave: Hey… uh, ‘scuse me! What else you got on tap?
Barkeep: Well, the usual, of course: Sam Adams Lager, Bud Light, Miller Lite, Coors Light, and Pabst Blue Ribbon.

Key Phrases

~ to be a bust: (verb) 

to be a disappointment, to be a failure

Example: I thought I could make money from gambling, but that was a bust. = Making money from gambling was a failure.

  • Note: people can’t “be a bust”. For instance, you would never say, “I was a bust at today’s game.”
  • Other uses: “to be busted” can mean two things: 1) to be broken 2) to be caught. (1) I let my brother borrow my car, and now it’s all busted. (2) That guy tried to steal from the store, but he was busted.

~ to head out: (verb)

to leave

Example: We need to head out soon if we want to catch the movie on time. = We need to leave soon in order to watch the movie.

~ to bounce: (verb)

to leave (even more informal)

Example: We need to bounce soon if we want to catch the movie on time. = We need to leave soon in order to watch the movie.

~ to take a piss (verb)

to urinate, to pee, to use the restroom/bathroom (very rough, vulgar)

Example: I always have to take a piss before I watch a movie. = I need to pee before watching a movie, every single time.

  • Note: you will rarely hear girls use this phrase; almost always used by guys
  • Note: a more polite version would be “to take a leak”
  • Note: in the UK, “piss” is much more vulgar and doesn’t have a relation to using the restroom. “Piss off” is the equivalent of “fuck you”

~ on tap (adjective)

draft beer

Example: People buy beer in bottles or cans, but if you get it on tap, the taste is always better. = Beer comes in many forms, but draft beer is the best.

  • Note: you will rarely hear girls use this phrase; almost always used by guys

Take 2

“Grab me another beer too, will ya?”

  • Grab me another beer too, would ya?
  • Grab me another beer too, could ya?
  • I’ll have one more with ya.

Oh, Faux Pas

Asking for recommendations or what selection is available is okay– as long as the place isn’t busy. Don’t be surprised if the server/bartender responds rudely to your question during peak hours. Remember: it’s not a problem with your pronunciation, but the timing of your question.


Special thanks to:

DJi5Cream for the opening “Red Velvet – Happiness”

Kevin MacLeod for the transitions: “Schmetterling” and “Brandenburg Concerto No4”

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