CommDao Speak Easy Podcast 7

TV interview context! Here’s episode seven of my speaking and communication focused podcast: CommDao Speak Easy.

This show includes:

  • Opening Dialogue (Sample Conversation)
  • Key Phrases (Vocabulary from the Dialogue)
  • Take 2 (Sentence Variation)
  • Pronunciation Practice
  • Faux Pas of the Day (Explanation of Common Mistakes in Communication)

Remember: 1) You can download the audio 2) You can adjust the speed

Here are the show notes:

Opening Dialogue

Christina Spears: Tom, as we’re winding down, I wanted to share with you a question from a fan. Britney out of Boston wants to know, “What’s your type?”

Thomas Shane: Hmm, a girl with a good personality and good looks of course.

Christina: Hah, that’s a real shocker.

Thomas: Oh, not personal enough for you, huh? Well how about a girl with nice toes. Toes to feet are like chocolate chips to cookies.

Christina: And now we’ve gone into TMI.

Thomas: Britney, are you quipped with some nice toesies?

Christina: Britney, I hope you’re satisfied. We’ve all learned the true colors of Thomas Shane all thanks to you.

Key Phrases

That’s a real shocker.

That’s surprising (sarcastic)

Example: Oh, you forgot your phone again? That’s a real shocker = I’m not surprised you forgot your phone because you do it all the time).

  • Related phrases: “You don’t say” and “No duh”

TMI (abbreviation)

too much information

Example: Talking about your bathroom habits is TMI. = Don’t tell me what you do in the bathroom; I don’t want to know that information.

  • Note: this is used in situations where the information is too personal or gross; you can’t use it related too school (i.e. that lecture had TMI for me to remember)

~to be quipped with (verb)

to be equipped with, to have

Example: This new car comes quipped with GPS. = This new car has a GPS system built in.

  • Note: for verbal expressions only; you can’t use it in academic writing

true colors (noun)

true personality

Example: She revealed her true colors when she stole his wallet. = Now we know her true personality because she stole his wallet.

  • Note: usually used in a negative context

Take 2

As we’re winding down

  • Since we’re almost done
  • We’re just about out of time
  • Nearing the end here

Oh, Faux Pas

Don’t let the pressure of questions get to you. Stick with your first answer.


Special thanks to:

DJi5Cream for the opening “Red Velvet – Happiness”

Kevin MacLeod for the transitions: “Schmetterling” and “Brandenburg Concerto No4”

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Formerly, the Conversation Coach

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