CommDao Speak Easy Podcast 9

For those who wanted some cooking vocabulary, this is eggs-actly what you needed! Here’s episode nine of my speaking and communication focused podcast: CommDao Speak Easy.

This show includes:

  • Opening Dialogue (Sample Conversation)
  • Key Phrases (Vocabulary from the Dialogue)
  • Take 2 (Sentence Variation)
  • Pronunciation Practice
  • Faux Pas of the Day (Explanation of Common Mistakes in Communication)

Remember: 1) You can download the audio 2) You can adjust the speed

Here are the show notes:

Opening Dialogue

Server: What can I get you?

Tim: Well, I was thinking about some eggs.

Server: Eggs, ah? How you want ’em?

Tim: Well, I–

Server: Scrambled? No, that’s too basic. You want something else? How about sunny side up?

TIm: Uh, well–

Server: Ah, I got you. You don’t like that raw, runny stuff. I guess poached might be too close to that too, huh? Then, that rules out eggs benedict. You, sir, are one tough customer.

Tim: But, I–

Server: Boiled? C’mon, you don’t go to brunch to order boiled eggs.

Tim: No, that’s–

Server: Deviled eggs? Does it look like we’re catering here? I got not clue what to do with you. You’ll have to give it to me straight. What do you want?

Tim: I’ll just take a coffee.

Server: What kind of coffee?

Key Phrases

scrambled eggs

Processed by: Helicon Filter;

sunny-side up




eggs benedict


boiled egg


deviled eggs


~to rule out (verb)

to exclude; to disqualify

Example: The heavy rain rules out a camping trip. = We can’t go camping because it’s raining so bad.

  • Note: we usually “rule out” possibilities, options, or ideas. If we rule out a person, that person must have been a suspect.

runny (adjective)

not solid; liquidy

Example: I didn’t boil the egg long enough so the inside is all runny. = The inside of the egg is liquidy because it’s not completely cooked.

  • Note: this is the same reason we say someone might have a “runny nose” when a person has a cold.

 Take 2

You’re one tough customer.

  • You’re hard hard to please.
  • You’re pretty picky.
  • Related phrase: You’re one tough cookie. (This means, that person is really tough/strong.)

Oh, Faux Pas

Don’t be a pushover. Don’t be afraid to interrupt.


Special thanks to:

DJi5Cream for the opening “Red Velvet – Happiness”

Kevin MacLeod for the transitions: “Schmetterling” and “Brandenburg Concerto No4”

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Formerly, the Conversation Coach

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