CommDao Speak Easy Podcast 13

Here’s your English lesson for the week! Some great new conversational vocabulary to argue with.

Remember: 1) You can download the audio 2) You can adjust the speed

Opening Dialogue

Kevin: Dude, back off. She’s with me.

Jon: Say what?

Kevin: Don’t make me repeat myself.

Jon: For real, I got no clue what you’re talking about.

Kevin: You don’t think I see you trying to swoop in on my girl? You better check yourself before you wreck yourself.

Jon: And what girl are you talking about?

Kevin: My girl! My one and only. The love of my life, bro.

Jon: Uh, you mean that chick who’s making out with that guy over there?

Kevin: Wha– Sarah, no!

Key Phrases

Say what? (interjection)

What did you say? / What are you talking about? 

Example: You got fired from your job– say what? = Am I hearing you right– you got fired?

  •  Note: this is used to emphasize shock or disbelief

For real (adverb)

seriously, really

Example: For real, we should hang out more often.= Seriously, we should spend more time together.

check yourself before you wreck yourself (verb)

think carefully over your situation before you make your next move

Example: Trying to cheat? You better check yourself before you wreck yourself = You need to reconsider this whole cheating idea.

  •  Note: usually used as a threat

to make out (verb)

kissing aggressively

Example: Those two made out all night. = Those two wouldn’t stop kissing all night.

  •  Other usage: “to understand/comprehend” (i.e. I can’t make out what he’s saying. = I can’t understand what he’s trying to say.)

 Take 2

“My one and only”

  • Significant other
  • Plus one
  • Boo/Bae

Oh, Faux Pas

Don’t argue over boys/girls. It’s not worth it.


Special thanks to:

DJi5Cream for the opening “Red Velvet – Happiness”

Kevin MacLeod for the transitions: “Schmetterling” and “Brandenburg Concerto No4”

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