CommDao Speak Easy Podcast 14

We have a new streamlined format! Each week, it’ll be conversational vocabulary in an audio English lesson in just minutes!

Remember: 1) You can download the audio 2) You can adjust the speed

Opening Dialogue

Elliot: Dude, I know you’re starving, but you don’t got to wolf it down, ya know?

Jon: How come?

Elliot: You got to savor it, ya know?

Jon: What if this is how I like to eat?

Elliot: You’re never going to find a girl this way, being so sloppy, psh.

Jon: So, you’re saying that if I clean up my act, I can be a ladies man?

Elliot: Totally.

Jon: Tell me something. When’s the last time you’ve been on a date?

Elliot: *eating noises*

Key Phrases

starving (adjective)

very hungry

Example: I skipped breakfast and lunch. I’m starving. = I’m so hungry because I didn’t eat breakfast and lunch.

  •  Note: this is an exaggeration.

How come? (question)


Example: How come you didn’t call me? = Why didn’t you call me?

  •  Note: this is smoother and more casual (as well as less threatening) than “why”

to savor (verb)

enjoy completely

Example:  After finishing his first marathon, Bob took a moment to savor the victory  = Bob really enjoyed the success of finishing his first marathon.

  •  Related vocab: “to cherish”

sloppy (adjective)

disorderly, unorganized, messy, bad-mannered

Example: She told me I was a sloppy dresser. = She didn’t like how messy my fashion is.


Special thanks to:

DJi5Cream for the opening “Red Velvet – Happiness”

Kevin MacLeod for the transitions: “Schmetterling” and “Brandenburg Concerto No4”

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