English Lesson: Stop Saying “My Dear”

People love selfies. People love selfies with their friends. After you work out the lighting and poses you want to use, what comes next? The caption!

These days you can’t really lose with whatever hashtag you decide, but I want to bring up a phrase I see all too often: “my dear”.

Stop saying “my dear”.

I think a lot of girls think it sounds cute, and it is. But it’s old lady cute, not the cute you’re shooting for. A similar problem comes up when you use “lovely”. Recent K-Pop group Lovelyz aren’t helping…

For people who aren’t trying to be cute, maybe they’re just confused. After all, you address letters with “Dear Mr./Mrs. so-and-so”.

In this case, if you’re trying to incorporate an air of formality, maybe you’re introducing someone to the stage. Here it would be okay to say “my dear” as “My dear friend Johnny Depp”.

Keep in mind, that’s very formal phrasing. There’s no way you’d use that in everyday conversation.

Published by Jon Dao

Formerly, the Conversation Coach

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