Girl Talk: Pick-up Lines

We all want to make a good impression, but I think we over-estimate our first words. While it’s fun to think back on how the connection all started, the encounter itself doesn’t always lend itself to a good story.

Even if you live by an “I have no regrets” kind of attitude, the bad first fumbles are still always going to sting. And on the flipside, even some of our best friendships and relationships have unmemorable beginnings.

We’ve been conditioned to think there’s got to be a spark from the get go. We think having the words to sweep someone right off their feet is romantic. I’ll cover the topic of false positives some other time, but let’s tackle pick-up lines for now.

Some are funny. Most are crass. But can they really ever work?

Published by Jon Dao

Formerly, the Conversation Coach

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