Public Speaking: How to Give Thank You Speeches

We love pop culture! And even if people claim otherwise, they’ve been swayed by its influence. One of the more dominant examples of this is the realm of acceptance speeches.

Most of us won’t ever be on that kind of platform– and that’s not a bad thing. But I’ve seen way too many people try to mimic a ramble that’s better kept as celebrity nonsense.

The key to a good Thank You Speech (or any speech while we’re at it) is to keep it brief.

So this means, don’t try to thank everybody! If you try to thank everybody and their mom, you’re not really able to give anybody their proper dues. No one ends up getting a true highlight. Your thank you speech becomes a list.

A speech with the cadence of reading a grocery list is the worst.

Here’s the best way to keep things alive:

  1. Be brief
  2. Thank in general
  3. Highlight an individual
  4. Give a reason (i.e. share a short story that works in the details)


Published by Jon Dao

Formerly, the Conversation Coach

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