English Lesson: 13 Reactions & Responses

A quick and easy English Lesson for this week. This requests come from Masaya who wanted to learn how to react to a conversation besides saying “Oh really?”

  • Ya don’t say?
  • Oh yeah?
  • Huh (it’s better to extend the sound on this; if you keep it short it sounds more harsh)
  • Wow (can also be extended for added effect)
  • Geez (can also be extended)
  • Whoa (can also be extended)
  • Seriously?
  • No way
  • What?
  • Ah, I gotcha
  • Ah, I feel ya
  • Oh, I totally get what you’re saying (be sure to have your rhythm and cadence in order)
  • OH. MY. GOD. (the slower you say this, the more impactful it is)

If you’re interested in learning more conversational English like this, connect with Jon to sign up for online private English coaching or face-to-face sessions in Boston. We’ll work on making you sound like a native speaker.


Published by Jon Dao

Formerly, the Conversation Coach

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