English Fix: Naoyuki Oi Interview

I saw this video on my feed courtesy of my good friend Sam and wanted to take a quick stab at correcting the English.

Who: Naoyuki Oi, World Pool Masters player

What: The video includes an interview with Sky Sports presenter Tony Wrighton. The first part of the interview is right after Naoyuki seals his place for the final 8.

Quick Fixes:

Tony: We thought you won it a couple of racks before you did win it.

Naoyuki: Hmm, my name is Naoyuki Oi. 1) Today very lucky. 2) Congratulations me! Yay!

  1. Today I was very lucky. // I was very lucky today.
  2. I just want to take a second to congratulate myself. // I just want to say congratulations… to me!

Naoyuki: 1) English a little. No problem. 2) Only so.

  1. I only know a little bit of English. // I only speak a little bit of English.
  2. I’m assuming in Japanese, he’s thinking 「だけだから。。。」– and in that case, he’s cut off his modifier. The “only” belongs with the first part. “So” should be a filler phrase (i.e. um, uh…)

Tony: So you had that shot to win it, and then you kind of re-created it for the crowd afterwards. When that shot didn’t go in, did you think ‘I might’ve blown it here’?

Naoyuki: Uhh… I have a pen. I have apple. Oh ee, apple pen! 1)その漢字.

  1. I’d probably translate the Japanese to something like “Just like that.” or “That’s that!” At first, this seems like a non-sequitur reference to the Pen Pineapple Apple Pen song; however, you have to remember the context. This is pool. The whole point is to sink the balls in the hole. Alluding to jamming the pen in apple is actually a GREAT metaphor.

Did you find this fix interesting? Any other viral Engrish mistakes you’d like to see fixed?

Published by Jon Dao

Formerly, the Conversation Coach

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