Is Body Language Real?

You guys see those sponsored ads on your Facebook feed? There’s one by LinkedIN that really caught my eye. I didn’t screencap it then, but here’s the clip via YouTube:

I’m familiar with Vanessa Van Edwards. Her site, the Science of People, is all about interpreting and maximizing body language.

I think learning these aspects in order to improve your expressions and what you can convey is a good thing. However, I draw the line when it comes to trying to use body language to read people.

It’s a dark rabbit hole that I don’t recommend for most people.

Is body language real?

Sure, the FBI uses body language interpretation to profile people. If you’re in the military, you probably want to read body language to assess potential threat.

But for your everyday person, I think you’re always going to have a bias that skews either too positively or too negatively. For instance, some guys are just going to read it that the girls are always into them. On the flipside, some people are just going to interpret every movement as a sign that things are going bad.

When you get caught up in trying to read these movements, you’re engrossed in the idea of certain communication. And that stops you from having actual communication.

Body language can be a good thing to be aware of and adjust, but don’t read too deeply into it. Don’t let the concept of body language dictate the success or failure of your conversation.

Published by Jon Dao

Formerly, the Conversation Coach

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