How to Project Your Voice

Do people have a hard time hearing you? Sure, you could speak louder, but it’s not just about increasing your volume.

One of my clients wanted to improve his speaking in a very specific environment– loud bars and clubs. Context is always important. I wouldn’t recommend straining your voice to speak against loud noises, there’s a very under-appreciated tactic of voice projection.

How to project your voice?

Consider the trajectory of your voice– how exactly are you targeting your reach. If you’ve ever done martial arts, you know it’s important to aim behind the board when you punch.

Aiming just at the board will mess up your speed, power, and follow through.

The voice is no different, especially with timid speakers. What feels “loud” for you, is probably still soft. What feels “over-reaching” for you, probably lands just right.


Published by Jon Dao

Formerly, the Conversation Coach

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