Be a (More) Selfish Speaker

Improving your speaking skills requires a delicate balance of selfishness. If you’re just a pushover and too passive, sure, you might seem agreeable. But in the end, it’ll be such a one-sided and unfruitful conversation.

If you’re starting out and just trying to get out of your shell, okay, more exposure to conversation is good. After awhile though, don’t you want something out of it?

Don’t you want to be able to say your piece? Don’t you want to talk about things you enjoy talking about?

Be sure to identify the topics and things that really interest you. And once you figure that out, see if you can transition boring talks towards those points. Then, whenever you are engaged in the things you actually like to discuss, make sure you don’t abruptly end things too soon.

Get there and hang there.

Completely catering towards the other party doesn’t do you any good. It’s okay to direct things a bit more self-centered.


Published by Jon Dao

Formerly, the Conversation Coach

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