Plans for Future CommDao Content

I know I’ve said it before, but I really do plan on making video content again, so here’s a little roadmap for what’s in store:

Quick Questions – This will probably be the bulk of content rolling forward. They’ll be taken from either the video comments or sessions I’ve had with clients. Expect stuff like “What’s the difference between X and Y” or my opinion on a topic when asked.

What does [WORD] mean? / What does [WORD] REALLY mean? – Here we can tackle vocabulary, but not the dictionary stuff. Most likely it’ll be a phrase or saying you’ve heard in conversation or from a movie. In the more advanced version, maybe a concept has taken over a new meaning over the years, and we can tackle that too.

How Do You Say – Pronunciation practice for speaking English.

Totally Relatable – This’ll be a demonstration on how to link seemingly unrelated topics. Whenever you’re able to make the less obvious connection between things, no topic will be out of reach for you! You’ll have the flow to bob and weave through any conversation.

S.S. Storytime – This video series… it’ll be more of a practice run for me than anything. Since I haven’t been podcasting or creating anything on a regular basis, I miss out on opportunities to analyze, critique, and improve my voice. And since my end goal with the whole Conversation Coaching concept is to close the distance (i.e. remind people I’m not any “guru”, I just have a set of skills that everybody should have)… I want to be able to demonstrate there’s always room for improvement.

And in addition to that, speaking well isn’t about speaking perfectly all the time. While it’s true I’m a little rusty (and nervous!) when it comes to recording myself, it’s also true that real, genuine speech can still have some pauses and stutters. I plan on doing very minimal editing (with the above mentioned series) moving forward, so you’ll be able to see and hear the roughness.

But just like what I tell my clients, those “ums” and “uhs” are most noticeable when there’s nothing else to say… and I hope to have plenty of things to say!

Questions, comments, requests? Let’s talk!

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Formerly, the Conversation Coach

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