Who is Jon Dao?

After teaching English as a second language from 2007 – 2015, I’ve found my strength to be helping my students with speaking. (It definitely wasn’t grammar!) Unfortunately, with a classroom approach, your focus gets spread thin. And because of the assignments and homework, I saw my students develop a false sense of progression. They thought that the ability to talk would come after learning “perfect” grammar and vocabulary.

Real communication doesn’t develop that way. After all, native speakers have miscommunication with each other all the time.

Being stuck with the classroom model of teaching was frustrating. It’s hard to see the bigger picture when you’re practicing in a bubble. No more classroom teaching for me. I want to deal with the real life stuff.

Conversation Coaching comes from a coaching methodology. With a proper assessment, I can give you strategies and options to handle all your speaking situations– professional and personal. A teacher is forced to educate in the confines of right and wrong. Pass or fail. A coach can drill and push for certain game plans, thinking they’re the best approach. But, it’s always on the player to follow through with what they want to do.

So, let’s talk through what exactly you want to do. How can I help you sound the way you want to sound? Is it confidence in communication?

E-mail: letstalk @ commdao.com
Phone: (617) 870-3615


One thought on “Who is Jon Dao?”

  1. I am the student, who came from Taiwan, I like the way Jon thought, I appreciate Jon help me a lot to prove my English, and he got patient when I asked any question. Also he got punch of vocabulary , I think someone who want to prove your english should study with him! No matter how good or bad about your english, just try to talk with him, and you will see! 😀

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