Why do I get tongue tied?

Are you constantly stumbling and tripping over your words? It just might be you’re trying to run through topics too fast because your’e scared. Scared of forgetting what you want to say.

How Do I Get Better at Small Talk? (Part 1)

Improving small talk has been one of the biggest priorities for my clients. But in order to really help people out on this front, I usually have to burst their bubble.

Rather than jumping right into tips, I try to talk them out of it. Is getting better at small talk really worth your time? Spoiler: it usually isn’t.

And before tackling small talk at length, it’s helpful to define the concept itself. Maybe you won’t be in agreement with my interpretation of small talk, and that’s okay. Maybe we can agree that small talk, in those terms, isn’t worth anybody’s time.

How Do You Say “Nevada”? (I was wrong!)

I was asked to help cover the #pronunciation of “Nevada” with a client, and oops– I taught him the incorrect way to say it.

Turns out, I grew up learning the wrong way to say it, but you should keep in mind that the proper pronunciation for proper nouns (like names of cities, places, or people) is different from your standard vocabulary.

*Correction: the Peabody Hotel in Little Rock is how I became aware of the pronunciation of “Peabody”, not a city.

Trump’s pronunciation of “Nevada”: