Be Unreasonable

I don’t have that many good memories with my “father”. They’re not exactly all bad, but there’s very few that actually stand out.

He was really strict when it came to food though, and I do remember a lot of times when I was told to eat stuff I didn’t like. It really baffled me how he could stomach this stuff so easily.

“How do you eat this stuff?”

And I’ll never forget what he said to me. He told me “Jonny-boy,” in a tone that only proved how we had no connection whatsoever, “I think of JFK.”

He resumed eating with a big smug look on his face. No doubt, he was proud about his answer: JFK.

I get by the difficulties in life by thinking of the guy who had his life cut short.

For America… or whatever.

It didn’t make any sense at the time. And, 17 years later it still doesn’t make any sense.

But, that’s okay because I’ve learned the reasons don’t have to make sense. In fact, often you’re better off not having any reason at all.

I think a lot of people get caught up in trying to find the reason– the meaning behind it all.

  • If I have X,Y,Z in place, then I can really relax.
  • If I meet so-and-so, I’ll be really happy.
  • If I can do what-and-what, that’ll be my proof.

It’s a very logical, very sequential way of thinking where things have to be connected.

But being human, it just doesn’t work. Instead of being at peace, we end up with more worries. More worries, more problems– that’s the Snoop Dogg Lion (wait, is he Dogg again?)  line, right?

I’ve talked to people so exhausted they thought, “I’ll never be happy.” And the more they try to connect a reason to their happiness, the more I believe they won’t ever find it.

That’s the key to hone in on here: find a way to be happy… for no reason.

Be Evil: Don’t Admit Defeat

When life hits hard and you’re searching for some sort of positive influence to glean from, rarely will you look to a super-villain.

First of all, they’re evil. And second, their life is pretty depressing if you think about it. They might have big dreams of world domination and the sort, but in the grand scheme of things, their hopes are always dashed. I’d say it’s part of the job to lose.

Doctor Doom, one of the COOLEST comic book villains of all time by far, handles things a bit differently.

Gold, silver, leather AND fur– SO EVIL!

Even though he might speak in third person like your regular baddie, Doom has a special way with words. He puts it like this, “Doom knows no defeat… only setbacks.”

No defeat.

He doesn’t admit it. He doesn’t accept it. He doesn’t understand what it’s supposed to mean. And by doing that, he’s redefined the idea of losing. He’s taken failure out of the equation.

Instead, there’s nothing else to do except succeed.

Whenever I feel like I’ve messed up, this type of perspective is pretty damn inspirational. Failure stings the most when you think things are over, but if you’re evil enough to reject the end, you can make another appearance in the next issue!

Doom has been undefeated for over 600 issues!

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For the 3rd time…

Aw man… it happened again!

So I been zoning out on youtube, checking out this chick’s guitar vids. Obviously, she has some mad skills. Not to mention pretty good taste in rock, so it’s been fun browsing the rest of her uploads for new leads on music (since it’s practically all covers).

It even made me start thinking to myself, maybe I do need to find a girl who has the same appreciation for rock like I do.

But I’ve had some bad juju the more I learned. I mean… it’s happened twice before.

Once with Kayo Sato, pictured here:

And another with Ai Haruna:

When I was reading this chick’s youtube profile I saw the name… Shotaro Nakamura! That ain’t no chick!