My premise is simple: most people don’t know how to talk. People don’t know how to talk to other people, and miscommunication is one of the biggest problems we have on a daily basis. This problem can hold you back from getting the job you want, the recognition you deserve, and the relationships you’re looking for.

This kind of miscommunication effects your own self-perception. It builds up an inner critic while devaluing your self-worth and accomplishments. I spent years fighting low self-esteem until I built the right foundation.

The turning point was when people told me I looked so confident– arrogant, even. I never would’ve imagined I could turn out this way.

Nothing is more important than the story you tell yourself. The ability to re-write the narrative is a skill set that should be passed on.

I want to help people build the right foundation, and it starts with the belief: I can speak to anyone about anything.


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