The Tests Don’t Mean Shit

Back in 2012, I briefly considered doing grad school. But after working as a teacher, I had a real hard time convincing myself it’d be worthwhile to be on the other side of the classroom again. I thought renewing my personal trainer certification would be the extent of having to deal with standardized testing, but tomorrowContinue reading “The Tests Don’t Mean Shit”

Writing the Wrong

For the past 8 years, I’ve had a real lukewarm response to writing. Some people talk about having a love/hate relationship. Mine’s been more hate/hate. With the way I’ve turned to other media (i.e. distracting myself with podcasts), it’s weird to think it wasn’t always like that. I really did like writing before. Hell, IContinue reading “Writing the Wrong”

Tale of Heroes: Dr. Alma Corley

I’ve been blessed with lots of role models in my life. They have shaped me in so many ways to be who I am today.  This morning I found out that one of old college professors had passed away at 83. Right now, I don’t have a more eloquent way to write my reaction. I’mContinue reading “Tale of Heroes: Dr. Alma Corley”

So what now?

The passage of time is weird. When I was a kid, I always felt like things moved. so slow. Eyeballing the clock for classes to end. Dealing with rejections. Waiting to find “the right girl”? Ugh. The 2-3 years between movie announcements and released? Eternity! But now? Class is long gone. Dating is so smooth, it’sContinue reading “So what now?”