Brass Band Rap

As the EatMyBeats contest winds down, let’s take a trip down memory lane to probably the first “music video” I ever made over in Japan.

English Lesson: “Say You, Say Me”

Oh no, with the last few English videos I’ve made, I might’ve gotten too academic. We definitely need to change that! Let’s get away from the phrasal verbs and salutations, and check out one of the greatest classic tunes of all time: Lionel Richie’s “Say You, Say Me”. The lyrics to the chorus are: Say you, say me SayContinue reading “English Lesson: “Say You, Say Me””

Your Boyfriend (English Fluency Through Music)

First of all, quick shout-out to Ingrid Gerdes herself: Happy Birthday! Ingrid is a super talented singer out here in Boston. Back in September of 2013, I did a podcast with her and learned about the life as a musician. Today, I decided to cover one of my favorite songs of hers: “Your Boyfriend”. Why is “Your Boyfriend” a greatContinue reading “Your Boyfriend (English Fluency Through Music)”

All By Myself (English Fluency Through Music)

Why is Eric Carmen’s “All By Myself” a great way to learn English? It’s cathartic. Not only does it have a great psyschological benefit, but you probably just now learned the word “cathartic”. (Please don’t confuse with “catheter”) It’s a great tune to practice the pronunciation of “L”. It’s a great model to see exaggeration used.