Faux Pas: Jennifer Murphy

One year ago, I tried to put together a set of English-focused podcasts. By listening to this audio students would get real conversational vocabulary and phrases that they’d miss out on by only focusing on the news. This year, I want to take another crack at it, but instead of English, I want to turn theContinue reading “Faux Pas: Jennifer Murphy”

Keys to Language Acquisition

A few weeks back, I did a podcast with Andy Morgan of RippedBody.JP. We’ve done several episodes before. Andy’s been a great mentor when it comes to nutrition and training. But this time,  I wanted to reach out in order to talk more on his life in Japan. The time that’s passed since I worked through the JET Program continues to flyContinue reading “Keys to Language Acquisition”

CommDao Speak Easy Podcast: Updates

For 15 weeks in a row, I’ve put out an episode of the CommDao Speak Easy Podcast. I wanted to cover words and phrases that they don’t teach you in class, as well as give some listening practice that students really need. But now that I’ve done more video, I think the podcast medium isn’t aContinue reading “CommDao Speak Easy Podcast: Updates”