How Do You Say “Nevada”? (I was wrong!)

I was asked to help cover the #pronunciation of “Nevada” with a client, and oops– I taught him the incorrect way to say it.

Pronunciation Practice: Within vs Without

I’m doing something a little different here with the Pronunciation Practice videos: I’m actually giving you exercises to practice. Just like any physical fitness program, you need to drill in the movement. You need to build the muscle memory. You need to have practiced the motion enough, so you can do it without thinking. Most people don’t takeContinue reading “Pronunciation Practice: Within vs Without”

How to Pronounce “People”

Pronunciation Practice: “People” Upon recommendation, I’m going to start archiving all the videos I’ve done on Instagram here. For the latest words, be sure to follow me on Instagram (@DoctorBlackJack) If you found this helpful, don’t forget to check out the Pronunciation Practice Master List Jon Dao – The Conversation Coach Improving Your English Fluency