Success Stories

Conversation coaching isn’t just about talking better– it’s improving your speech to take action! Personable speaking has helped many of my clients with their careers.

In addition to students, I’ve coached:

  • government officials
  • doctors and physicians
  • chemical engineers
  • basketball players
  • comedians
  • screenwriters
  • musicians
  • chefs
  • financiers
  • models
  • entrepreneurs

I’m honored to have the chance to be part of their journey.

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Coco M. – Miss Asia Boston 2015

“Jon really helped me so much with everything– not only with English, but how to speak and show my personality on stage.”

E Yao

E. Yao – Basketball Player

“I want to thank Jon because part of the reason I found a professional tryout was because I found the assertiveness within myself to make conversation and network with others, even though I am naturally introverted. Our lessons really helped me a lot.”


R. Jacks – Power Plant Worker

“When I was negotiating for a raise, I had a hard time stating my case. After talking with Jon, I found the right points I could focus on– and I got the raise!”

J. Perez – Musician

“I have trouble connecting my thoughts with what I want to say, so it always seems like my ideas are all over the place. Jon helped me prepare for a very important interview, and I was accepted into my number one school. [Ed’s note: Ivy League!]”

Jing X. – Student

“For me, it’s difficult to be kind to myself. I study very hard, but all I can see are my mistakes. Whenever I work with Jon, I feel good because he helps me identify all the progress I make.”

J. Zhang – Banker

“We need to find a way for more people to connect with Jon. People like him make the world a better place.”


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