CommDao Speak Easy Podcast 15: Review

Here’s the latest episode of my speaking and communication focused podcast: CommDao Speak Easy. As is the plan with every 5 episodes, it’s time to reflect on what we’ve learned. One of the most important steps to improving is making sure you take time to review. In this episode, there will be a brand new dialogue, butContinue reading “CommDao Speak Easy Podcast 15: Review”

“The Toyota Effect”

Why do you care so much about getting a girlfriend? I remember being asked that by my friends, my brother, and my Mom. Being so fixated on relationships really effected the way I carried myself. My enthusiasm was just short of being desperate. I wanted a “special someone”, but with each and every rejection IContinue reading ““The Toyota Effect””

CommDao Speak Easy Podcast 12

Here’s some great new conversational vocabulary to add to your arsenal: small talk about your job. Remember: 1) You can download the audio 2) You can adjust the speed Opening Dialogue Jon: Hey, how’s the new gig? Harry: Ah, not too shabby. Only a couple weeks in– I’m still feeling things out. Jon: Yeah? Any surprises? Harry: Not really. To tell youContinue reading “CommDao Speak Easy Podcast 12”

CommDao Speak Easy Podcast 11

Awhile back, Raddad requested that I show how people argue. I think he more or less wanted to learn the proper ways of how to debate. I’ll be paving the way towards that, but in the meantime here’s episode eleven of my speaking and communication focused podcast: CommDao Speak Easy. This show includes: Opening Dialogue (Sample Conversation) Key Phrases (Vocabulary from theContinue reading “CommDao Speak Easy Podcast 11”