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What Are Some Basic Interview Tips?

What Are Some Basic Interview Tips?

What are some basic interview tips?

After volunteering with Sociedad Latina‘s college mock interviews, I wanted to record a recap of the tips I shared. Whether it’s for the college admissions interview or just your first time job, these basic interview tips are the same. Everyone should know them.

  • Remember to breathe.
  • Remember to take your time.
  • Remember to keep things conversational.

Being nervous is understandable. You haven’t had the exposure to this type of communication enough. But if you succumb to the pressure and overthink… your breathing is likely to be out of rhythm. In the worst case, you might be holding your breath.

Anytime you need a moment to think your response over, remember to take a breath.

Along those lines, be sure to take your time in your response. If you’re nervous, you’re probably dying to get the ordeal over with. And if you’re operating in that way, you’re probably speaking an a faster speed.

Slow down.

Again, catch your breath. But also speak calmly and deliberately. Speak with purpose. You’ll come off as more certain and confident with your answers.

Finally, remember to keep things conversational. Even though the purpose is to learn more about each other, the whole interview process can actually be very artificial and impersonal. Try to bring back the humanity. Speak like you’re a real human being, not someone who’s trying to answer a test.