English Lesson: To Keep

One of the worst things you can do when learning a language is to know only one meaning of a word. You shouldn’t stress over trying to learn all the variations of meaning. That can be a nightmare especially when it comes to phrasal verbs. However, you want to make sure you know the most common usageContinue reading “English Lesson: To Keep”

English Lesson: “To Be Into”

About 4-5 years ago, I went on a couple dates with a college professor. She was smart as a whip and in love with her job. I was really into her because I have a ton of respect for anyone who’s found work that they’re passionate about. The problem was she might’ve been a little too into herContinue reading “English Lesson: “To Be Into””

Explain to Me: Thanksgiving & Black Friday

A lot of places have already jumped the gun with Christmas decorations and music, but the king of conversation this week will be Thanksgiving and Black Friday. The video I shot isn’t meant to be comprehensive, but a good rundown of the words and phrases you’re likely to hear throughout the week. Typical Thanksgiving Food Items Turkey Stuffing Green Bean Casserole CandiedContinue reading “Explain to Me: Thanksgiving & Black Friday”

English Lesson: “End Up”

I’ve mentioned before that using “how come” is a lot better than “why” because it’s a lot less direct. Why do you know Japanese? How come you know Japanese? In sort of a similar way, using the phrasal verb “end up” can help you loosen up your speech. When someone asks you about last night,Continue reading “English Lesson: “End Up””