English Lesson: How to Use “That”

There’s a bunch of different ways we use “that” in English, ranging from the formal to conversational. Let’s take a moment to review the two usages you’re most familiar with. First, we can use “that” to identify. Which one? This one? That one? No, that one over there! It’s pretty simple. You point out whichContinue reading “English Lesson: How to Use “That””

English Lesson: Way

When you’re first learning a language, you learn several stock phrases. I’m talking about the rudimentary basics like: How are you? My name is~ The weather is~ For all intents and purposes, these are “correct” uses of English. The big problem is that when you only use these kinds of basics, you’ll continue to soundContinue reading “English Lesson: Way”

English Lesson: Paying a Compliment

Reading, watching videos, listening to music, and even taking classes– these are all the mediums you’re probably used to when it comes to language acquisition. They all have their perks to a certain extent, but there is one glaring flaw: passive learning. So if you’re serious about being a better English speaker, you need to findContinue reading “English Lesson: Paying a Compliment”

English Lesson: Let’s

I never want to see you make this mistake again! Let’s get this right: don’t use a gerund in combination with “let’s”. Don’t know what I’m talking about? Oh, sure you do! I hear it all the time: Let’s eating. Let’s fighting. Let’s doing again. Wrong. All wrong! Let’s eat. Let’s do it again. Let’s fight–Continue reading “English Lesson: Let’s”