English Lesson: Livestream (06/14/16)

New Vocabulary: calling stressful restless rebound Grammar Mistake: Don’t confuse nouns, verbs, and adjectives. Communication Tip: Don’t try to change people’s minds with a “hard sell”. Let them come to the conclusion on their own.

English Lesson: How to Use “Care”

Learning new vocabulary is great! However, don’t forget to learn how to actually apply the word into a real life setting. Remember: context is key. For this lesson, let’s examine the word “care”, which more or less means to have or show concern. Most of you know this word. Most of you know how to useContinue reading “English Lesson: How to Use “Care””

English Lesson: “Other” vs “Another”

If you heard the phrase “my another friend”, would you know it’s incorrect English? Would you know how to fix it? Before we jump into the correction, let’s first review our understanding of “other” and “another”. I think it’s easier to cover “another”, so we’ll do that one first. When we use “another”, it’s inContinue reading “English Lesson: “Other” vs “Another””

English Lesson: 13 Reactions & Responses

A quick and easy English Lesson for this week. This requests come from Masaya who wanted to learn how to react to a conversation besides saying “Oh really?” Ya don’t say? Oh yeah? Huh (it’s better to extend the sound on this; if you keep it short it sounds more harsh) Wow (can also be extended for addedContinue reading “English Lesson: 13 Reactions & Responses”