English Lesson: To Wrap My Head Around

You should probably minimize your usage of “I don’t understand”. NOT because there’s anything wrong with your English, but just because it’s SO BASIC.

Add some spice to the phrases you use. Try adding “I can’t wrap my head around it” into the mix. Just be sure not to overuse that.

English Lesson: Don’t You Think?

I play Final Fantasy Brave Exvius a lot. Probably too much. It’s the first and last thing I see in a day. My girlfriend says “addicted”. I like to say “you just don’t understand”. (Add me: 369,648,444) A couple weeks ago, the game announced a special collaboration with Ariana Grande. The community lost their minds… in aContinue reading “English Lesson: Don’t You Think?”

English Lesson: 13 Reactions & Responses

A quick and easy English Lesson for this week. This requests come from Masaya who wanted to learn how to react to a conversation besides saying “Oh really?” Ya don’t say? Oh yeah? Huh (it’s better to extend the sound on this; if you keep it short it sounds more harsh) Wow (can also be extended for addedContinue reading “English Lesson: 13 Reactions & Responses”