New Year, New Story

I know a lot of people detest New Year’s Resolutions because so many of them are done on a whim. Most resolutions are handled with wishful thinking and end up with piss poor results. That’s a sad truth, but I totally support the chance to re-write your life story. The new year is an opportunity start a new narrative.Continue reading “New Year, New Story”

Close the Distance

Have you ever tried to talk to someone but felt too intimidated? Did you feel like they were way out of your league? If you really want to connect with someone, you can’t be starstruck. You can’t idolize. It’s okay to think about that stuff, but keep it to yourself (and in your pants).

Pound Down

Here at last, my weight loss journey– all the ups and downs, the dieting and non-dieting, the progress and regressions. I’ve been using this picture for the past couple of months. It gives a pretty decent overview of the pounds I’ve been able to shed, but it ain’t the COMPLETE story. So, in true VietnameseContinue reading “Pound Down”