Blue Skies and Sunshine

The View Down South How do you make the most of your senior year in high school? It’s a question that takes up way too much mental space when you’re that age. Of course, I had to get good grades and a good scholarship. Mom said so. Of course, I was going to finally get a girlfriendContinue reading “Blue Skies and Sunshine”

How to Understand the Basics of American Football in Time for the Superbowl

Just in time for the #Superbowl! This explanation is for all my former students who said “WTF, this isn’t football!” That’s right– it’s #AmericanFootball. This should be a good enough overview so you can understand the basics and follow along.

Learn some of the vocabulary of the field (for example “endzones” and “downs”, and how many downs there are). Learn how points are calculated. Learn some of the basic strategy why teams would run instead of pass (and vice versa). Why do they kick on fourth down?

A Tale of Heroes

I was raised by a single Mom, and it didn’t bother me one bit because I had enough heroes to fill that Papa-less void. Curious as to who’s influenced and inspired everyone else out there, I sent this tweet: Who are your role models? What did they teach you? Can you list 10? — JonContinue reading “A Tale of Heroes”