Personal Communication: Self Representation

Image, identity, and influence over issues. Reputation management. Self-representation. Contrary to popular belief, not all publicity is good publicity. These concepts were drilled into my head over and over thanks to my PR major, but I never really understood the extent of their power until years later in Japan. I remember one milestone on the trek to building upContinue reading “Personal Communication: Self Representation”

“I Feel Like I Don’t Belong”

No one likes being the odd one out. Having a sense of belonging goes a long way. It’ll sway people to buy the clothes they wear, the phones they use, and the cars they drive. The actions people make to “fit in” aren’t always bad– it really depends on what community you’re shooting for. But the absence of beingContinue reading ““I Feel Like I Don’t Belong””

Identity Crisis: Asian-American

A lot of the Asian kids who come from immigrated families deal with the same– they grow up never feeling completely connected with any group. Too out of touch with their parents, too isolated from the rest.