English Fix: Naoyuki Oi Interview

I saw this video on my feed courtesy of my good friend Sam and wanted to take a quick stab at correcting the English. Who: Naoyuki Oi, World Pool Masters player What: The video includes an interview with Sky Sports presenter Tony Wrighton. The first part of the interview is right after Naoyuki seals his place for theContinue reading “English Fix: Naoyuki Oi Interview”

English Lesson: Don’t You Think?

I play Final Fantasy Brave Exvius a lot. Probably too much. It’s the first and last thing I see in a day. My girlfriend says “addicted”. I like to say “you just don’t understand”. (Add me: 369,648,444) A couple weeks ago, the game announced a special collaboration with Ariana Grande. The community lost their minds… in aContinue reading “English Lesson: Don’t You Think?”