How Do You Say “Nevada”? (I was wrong!)

I was asked to help cover the #pronunciation of “Nevada” with a client, and oops– I taught him the incorrect way to say it.

English Lesson: “Simple Past” vs “Present Perfect”

“Do you have any easy, simple ways to tell the difference between ‘simple past’ and ‘present perfect’?” – Thiago No, no I don’t, especially when it comes to academic English. Most of the time, grammar focused questions are brought up because people need help with standardized tests like the TOEFL or TOEIC. The best thingContinue reading “English Lesson: “Simple Past” vs “Present Perfect””

English Lesson: “I feel like ~ing”

During one of my Boston Lessons, my client was talking about Halloween. He wasn’t too big of a fan and had this to say about buying a costume: “I feel like wasting money.” But unfortunately, that doesn’t work in this context. If we take the sentence as it is: “I feel like wasting money” actually meansContinue reading “English Lesson: “I feel like ~ing””

English Lesson: How to Cuss

When people claim they don’t know English, they’re lying. There’s a handful of words everyone knows. In fact, they’re the words people are most eager to learn in any language. No, I’m not talking about “hello” or “hi”. It’s not “what’s your name” or “where’s the bathroom” either. The vocabulary that everybody wants to know areContinue reading “English Lesson: How to Cuss”