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A Tale of Heroes

I was raised by a single Mom, and it didn’t bother me one bit because I had enough heroes to fill that Papa-less void. Curious as to who’s influenced and inspired everyone else out there, I sent this tweet:

I got a few mixed responses: the Matrix, NFL greats, Madonna for her cone boobs. In turn, here’s my top 10 and how they’ve shaped me. Ranking wasn’t easy! [Note: WordPress puts the “next page” jump underneath the sharing options]

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Pound Down

Here at last, my weight loss journey– all the ups and downs, the dieting and non-dieting, the progress and regressions.


I’ve been using this picture for the past couple of months. It gives a pretty decent overview of the pounds I’ve been able to shed, but it ain’t the COMPLETE story. So, in true Vietnamese fashion, let me rewind back to the beginning… Continue reading “Pound Down”