English Lesson: New Vs. Brand New

In a recent online English lesson, my client and I were talking about cars. She hesitated in explaining that a car wasn’t “new, new”. Was it okay for her to use this description? Yes and no. As always, the answers to any language question will depend on the context and purpose. If you asked a teacher, theContinue reading “English Lesson: New Vs. Brand New”

English Lesson: How to Cuss

When people claim they don’t know English, they’re lying. There’s a handful of words everyone knows. In fact, they’re the words people are most eager to learn in any language. No, I’m not talking about “hello” or “hi”. It’s not “what’s your name” or “where’s the bathroom” either. The vocabulary that everybody wants to know areContinue reading “English Lesson: How to Cuss”

English Lesson: “Pardon”

Sometimes a native speaker might be talking too fast. In order to get that person to stop, repeat, and clarify, you’ve learned how to say “pardon”. The problem is that when you say “pardon” you’re making your English sound terrible. It’s going to be much easier to learn other replacement phrases instead. You’re probably aware ofContinue reading “English Lesson: “Pardon””

CommDao Speak Easy Podcast 14

We have a new streamlined format! Each week, it’ll be conversational vocabulary in an audio English lesson in just minutes! Remember: 1) You can download the audio 2) You can adjust the speed Opening Dialogue Elliot: Dude, I know you’re starving, but you don’t got to wolf it down, ya know? Jon: How come? Elliot: You got to savor it, ya know? Jon: What ifContinue reading “CommDao Speak Easy Podcast 14”