English Lesson: New Vs. Brand New

In a recent online English lesson, my client and I were talking about cars. She hesitated in explaining that a car wasn’t “new, new”. Was it okay for her to use this description? Yes and no. As always, the answers to any language question will depend on the context and purpose. If you asked a teacher, theContinue reading “English Lesson: New Vs. Brand New”

English Lesson: What Am I? +

If you want to improve your English fluency and overall speaking capabilities, you need to learn how to continue a conversation. Avoiding small talk and dead-end questions is one method. Another point you should keep in mind is to avoid the phrase “I don’t know“. You don’t need to worry about putting pressure on yourself to know everythingContinue reading “English Lesson: What Am I? +”

Explain to Me: Thanksgiving & Black Friday

A lot of places have already jumped the gun with Christmas decorations and music, but the king of conversation this week will be Thanksgiving and Black Friday. The video I shot isn’t meant to be comprehensive, but a good rundown of the words and phrases you’re likely to hear throughout the week. Typical Thanksgiving Food Items Turkey Stuffing Green Bean Casserole CandiedContinue reading “Explain to Me: Thanksgiving & Black Friday”