Zoom Out | Make a Bigger Picture

Sometimes the mistakes you make seem bigger than they actually are. That’s because you’re too zoomed in!

Zoom out, and make sure the efforts you make to correct aren’t wasted on the trivial things.

Retreat Thyself

A few weeks back, I got invited to The Sacred Healing Grove. It was out in the boonies of New Hampshire. Ya know, for all the flack that Arkansas seems to get, there sure are a lot of places up north that look like Arkansas. The workshop was going to be in a yurt— something I’d never heard of before. There’dContinue reading “Retreat Thyself”

Be Unreasonable

I don’t have that many good memories with my “father”. They’re not exactly all bad, but there’s very few that actually stand out. He was really strict when it came to food though, and I do remember a lot of times when I was told to eat stuff I didn’t like. It really baffled meContinue reading “Be Unreasonable”