English Lesson: “Simple Past” vs “Present Perfect”

“Do you have any easy, simple ways to tell the difference between ‘simple past’ and ‘present perfect’?” – Thiago No, no I don’t, especially when it comes to academic English. Most of the time, grammar focused questions are brought up because people need help with standardized tests like the TOEFL or TOEIC. The best thingContinue reading “English Lesson: “Simple Past” vs “Present Perfect””

English Lesson: “In My Mind” Vs “On My Mind”

In this post, let’s clarify two prepositional phrases: in my mind on my mind Truth be told, you’re not really going to use “in my mind” all that much. If you hear it, it just means “in my opinion”. So why not use in my opinion? Exactly! “On my mind” will be way more usefulContinue reading “English Lesson: “In My Mind” Vs “On My Mind””

English Lesson: How to Use “Care”

Learning new vocabulary is great! However, don’t forget to learn how to actually apply the word into a real life setting. Remember: context is key. For this lesson, let’s examine the word “care”, which more or less means to have or show concern. Most of you know this word. Most of you know how to useContinue reading “English Lesson: How to Use “Care””

English Lesson: How to Use “That”

There’s a bunch of different ways we use “that” in English, ranging from the formal to conversational. Let’s take a moment to review the two usages you’re most familiar with. First, we can use “that” to identify. Which one? This one? That one? No, that one over there! It’s pretty simple. You point out whichContinue reading “English Lesson: How to Use “That””