Pronunciation Practice: Within vs Without

I’m doing something a little different here with the Pronunciation Practice videos: I’m actually giving you exercises to practice. Just like any physical fitness program, you need to drill in the movement. You need to build the muscle memory. You need to have practiced the motion enough, so you can do it without thinking. Most people don’t takeContinue reading “Pronunciation Practice: Within vs Without”

English Lesson: 13 Reactions & Responses

A quick and easy English Lesson for this week. This requests come from Masaya who wanted to learn how to react to a conversation besides saying “Oh really?” Ya don’t say? Oh yeah? Huh (it’s better to extend the sound on this; if you keep it short it sounds more harsh) Wow (can also be extended for addedContinue reading “English Lesson: 13 Reactions & Responses”

English Lesson: “Until”

When speaking English, there’s lots of prepositions that can be confusing. In this lesson, let’s make sure you don’t misuse “until”. In order to understand this word, let’s use the example of a work schedule. Most of you work from 9 to 5. In other words, you finish work at 5. You work until 5. (Think of “until” asContinue reading “English Lesson: “Until””