TOEFL Stress

TOEFL sucks. I hate teaching about it just as much as students hate taking it. TOEFL is stupid, as I’ve covered before. But let’s take a moment to breakdown how TOEFL is crafted to be as stressful as possible. As one of my clients gears up to take down the TOEFL this Saturday, this is basicallyContinue reading “TOEFL Stress”

Stupid TOEFL Tips

TOEFL is stupid. TOEFL is stupid because standardized testing is stupid. It’s not an accurate way to gauge a person’s English ability, but for now and many years to come it will remain a necessary evil. If you’re going to be taking the TOEFL soon (hopefully, you’re giving yourself at least 2 months to prep),Continue reading “Stupid TOEFL Tips”

English Lesson: “Simple Past” vs “Present Perfect”

“Do you have any easy, simple ways to tell the difference between ‘simple past’ and ‘present perfect’?” – Thiago No, no I don’t, especially when it comes to academic English. Most of the time, grammar focused questions are brought up because people need help with standardized tests like the TOEFL or TOEIC. The best thingContinue reading “English Lesson: “Simple Past” vs “Present Perfect””

How to Pronounce “People”

Pronunciation Practice: “People” Upon recommendation, I’m going to start archiving all the videos I’ve done on Instagram here. For the latest words, be sure to follow me on Instagram (@DoctorBlackJack) If you found this helpful, don’t forget to check out the Pronunciation Practice Master List Jon Dao – The Conversation Coach Improving Your English Fluency