Explain to Me: Thanksgiving & Black Friday

A lot of places have already jumped the gun with Christmas decorations and music, but the king of conversation this week will be Thanksgiving and Black Friday. The video I shot isn’t meant to be comprehensive, but a good rundown of the words and phrases you’re likely to hear throughout the week. Typical Thanksgiving Food Items Turkey Stuffing Green Bean Casserole CandiedContinue reading “Explain to Me: Thanksgiving & Black Friday”

English Lesson: “Say You, Say Me”

Oh no, with the last few English videos I’ve made, I might’ve gotten too academic. We definitely need to change that! Let’s get away from the phrasal verbs and salutations, and check out one of the greatest classic tunes of all time: Lionel Richie’s “Say You, Say Me”. The lyrics to the chorus are: Say you, say me SayContinue reading “English Lesson: “Say You, Say Me””